Walkabout Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Walkabout Tour Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the difference between a Tour and a Clinic?

    The Walkabout Tour is great fun – it is two days of equine entertainment at its best. Combining demonstrations, instruction and audience participation, the Walkabout Tour is a horse lover’s extravaganza. The tour is hosted by world renowned clinician and television celebrity Clinton Anderson. This is a great opportunity for people to experience first hand Clinton’s method of training horses. Clinton demonstrates the horse’s athleticism and intelligence with inspiring demonstrations using his personal horses. He also uses local, untrained horses to demonstrate how he teaches his techniques. The tour is kind of like going to a concert – there’s music, lights and action. The only difference is that when you leave you’ll have a greater understanding of how your horse learns and how you should interact with your horse to get results. To book your tour ticket now, click here.

    A Clinton Anderson Clinic is a multi-day event hosted by Clinton. Thirty participants and their horses spend multiple days learning Clinton’s Method both on the ground and under saddle. During the clinic, participants cover the exercises highlighted in Clinton’s educational Method kits – Fundamentals, Intermediate or Advanced, depending on the level of the clinic. Clinton also utilizes assistants so that there are always multiple sets of eyes watching your progress to ensure that you are on the right track.

    Learn more about Ranch Clinics.

    Clinton’s Professional Clinicians and Method Ambassadors also host clinics and private lessons where they teach the Method in the same format. To find out more about clinics and private lessons hosted by Professional Clinicians and Method Ambassadors visit the Certified Clinician website.

  • Does the same thing happen on Saturday and Sunday?

    No. The shows on Saturday and Sunday are different. Clinton demonstrates different parts of his Method each day. Visit the Tour Program on the Schedule page to know what happens on tour and to see a detailed agenda for the weekend.

  • Will I get a chance to meet Clinton?

    Yes. Clinton schedules time throughout the weekend to meet horse lovers and sign autographs.

  • What horses are used on the tour?

    Clinton brings his personal horses to every tour to perform advanced riding and groundwork demonstrations. The horses Clinton works with have been trained through the Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced levels of the Method and highlight the rewarding partnership that can be achieved between a horse and human. Phoenix, Clinton’s miniature horse, also comes to every tour. You’re sure to meet him while waiting to enter the facility.

    Clinton also uses local horses with longstanding problems at each tour to best demonstrate how to begin the Method. These horses are selected by the Downunder Horsemanship team from an online application. The very first time Clinton meets the horses is when they enter the arena and are introduced to the crowd at the tour.

  • Can I submit my horse for Clinton to work with him?
    Yes. Clinton uses horses from the local area at each Tour. Demo horses are chosen about one month before the event and you will be contacted by phone if you are a contender.
  • Will there be food available at the facility?

    Yes. Concessions will be available to purchase at the event.

  • Can I bring my own food and drinks?
    Contact the host facility for their rules and regulations regarding outside food and beverages. Find out more about each host facility by visiting the Schedule page and then visiting the facility’s website.
  • Will Clinton's products be at the Walkabout Tour?
    Yes. Clinton will have a wide variety of his products available for sale at the tour. No Worries Club members receive up to 50% discounts on tack and video products.
  • Where are Walkabout Tours held?

    Every year, we select different cities all over America to host the Walkabout Tours. Visit the Schedule page to see the schedule and the location of each facility.

  • How do I get my five free tickets?
    Members of Clinton Anderson’s No Worries Club are given Five Free Tickets to attend any of the Walkabout Tours. To get your free tickets you must be a No Worries Club member. You can find out more about the No Worries Club by visiting www.noworriesclub.com. If you are a member and would like to request your five free tickets, please call our office at 1-888-AUSSIE-2.
  • Can I use my free tour tickets for any event?

    No. Tickets for each tour stop are only good for that event location. Please note that tickets cannot be photocopied. However, tickets are transferable – you may give them to your friends or family as gifts. Tickets are not exchangeable for product or cash and cannot be used for entry into clinics.

  • Do you have assistance for the hearing impaired?
  • Do you have wheelchair and stroller access?
    Yes. Ease of accessibility is determined by each facility. Find out more about each host facility by visiting the Schedule page and then visiting the host facility’s website.
  • Can I take my camera or video camera to the tour?
    You may take as many still photos as you want. Video recording and audio recording are strictly prohibited and will be grounds for eviction from the event and/or confiscation of the recording device.
  • Can I bring my dog or other pets to the event?

    Only licensed service animals are permitted at the events. All other pets will not be allowed through the gates.

  • Do children receive free admission?

    Children 12 and under receive free admission to Walkabout Tours.

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