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News Archive

October 10, 2019

Buy 1, Save $2.00 on Standlee Premium Western Forage Products

    September 1st to October 31st Buy 1, Save $2.00 on any bagged or compressed bale product Get The Coupon! Proud Sponsor of:       Use Standlee Forage Finder® to find forage for your horse’s specific needs. Use our Feed Calculator to find out how much you should feed your horse. Use the […]

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Training Tips
October 8, 2019

Training Tip: Can Groundwork and Riding Exercises be Done at the Same Time?

I often get asked if when teaching a horse the Fundamentals can you work on the groundwork and riding exercises at the same time? People often wonder if it’s better to teach all of the groundwork exercises first, and then start to work on the riding exercises. At the ranch, when we get horses in […]

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Academy Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship - General
October 8, 2019

Successful People Keep Their Focus

Whether you’ve set a horsemanship goal to accomplish or a specific objective at work or in your personal life, if you want to reach it, you better be focused. Each year, when the new class of Academy students arrives at the ranch, Clinton spends the first morning welcoming the horsemen and explaining how the course […]

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Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship - General
October 8, 2019

Like-New Ultimate Horse Trailer for Sale

If you routinely hit the road with your equine partners and are looking for the perfect trailer and home on the road, Clinton’s custom-designed Bloomer Evolution Trailer is what you’re looking for. Clinton worked with P&P Trailers and Outlaw Conversions to design the four-horse trailer and living quarters loaded with extras. Now that he’s focused […]

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Downunder Horsemanship - General Downunder Horsemanship App
October 8, 2019

Problem Solving: Horse Acting Up in Cross-Ties

When it comes to horse-tying situations gone badly, nothing is as scary as a horse reacting in cross-ties. Because of the way cross-ties are set up and how they apply pressure to the horse, if a horse reacts and resists being in cross-ties, it can result in him rearing in an attempt to escape the […]

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Walkabout Tours
October 8, 2019

Returning to an Old Texas Friend

The last time the Walkabout Tour landed in Conroe, Texas, Mindy was still a regular on the road with Clinton, the Fundamentals Kit hadn’t been produced, and the idea of an app hadn’t even been dreamed about. That was back in 2009. When the two-day event sets up camp at the Lone Star Convention and […]

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Downunder Horsemanship - General Downunder on YouTube
October 8, 2019

Make Sure Your Horse has a Correctly Sized Halter

A halter is an essential horse keeping and training tool, and the quality of the Downunder Horsemanship halter is unsurpassed.  Deciding what size of halter to get for your horse is important for your horse’s comfort and to ensure that the halter is an effective training tool. If you’re an inexperienced halter shopper, or haven’t […]

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No Worries Club
October 8, 2019

Find It on the No Worries Club: Understanding Horse Limitations

I leaned forward and tapped the air in front of the gelding’s nose again. Although the expression on his face and his perked ears told me he was taking my cue seriously and trying to please me, he dragged his feet backwards, shuffling his lanky, 17-hand frame away from me. After he’d taken a few […]

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Training Tips
October 1, 2019

Training Tip: What to do When Your Horse Ignores a One Rein Stop

Here’s a scenario that’s common for a lot of riders: They’re riding their horse on the trail and the horse spooks and takes off. When they do a One Rein Stop to regain control of the situation, the horse bends his head to the side, but keeps running sideways. When you do a One Rein […]

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Downunder Horsemanship Clinic
October 1, 2019

Give Your Colt the Start He Deserves

How your horse is started under saddle provides the foundation for the rest of his career. Participants in our Colt Starting Clinic are walked through the steps to safely execute the first saddling and the first ride all the way through confidently riding outside the arena. The clinic begins with participants working with their colts […]

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