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News Archive

Academy Method Ambassadors
November 17, 2020

Congratulations to Our Newest Method Ambassadors!

We welcomed 12 new Method Ambassadors to our team last week during a certification ceremony to celebrate their completion of the Clinton Anderson Clinician Academy. The horsemen worked hard throughout the Academy and showed exceptional talent. Our 2020 Method Ambassadors: Jim Anderson – Ozark, Arkansas Natalie Hagler – Fort Collins, Colorado Abigail Hoffman – West […]

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November 12, 2020

Standlee Premium Western Forage products are best in quality

    Standlee Premium Western Forage Products are the Best in Quality* 80% of horse owners believed forage appearance is indicative of nutrient quality. Standlee products were judged to be consistently greener, smell fresher, and appear cleaner than locally‑sourced hay. LEARN MORE   *Claims are based on joint studies between Standlee Premium Western Forage and Purina […]

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Training Tips
November 10, 2020

Training Tip: Increase Pressure as Needed When Training Your Horse

Most people want to start with a low amount of pressure, which is great, but when their horse ignores them, or doesn’t move his feet, they don’t increase the pressure. It’s important that you first ask the horse to respond with the lightest amount of pressure possible because a horse will never get any lighter […]

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November 10, 2020

Hopeful Method Ambassadors Testing This Week

We’ve entered the seventh week of the 2020 Clinician Academy, and that means the pressure is on for horsemen enrolled in the course. The 16 horsemen are in the midst of completing their practical exams, showing Clinton how well they can execute each of the Fundamentals level exercises in hopes of becoming Method Ambassadors. Yesterday, […]

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Walkabout Tours
November 10, 2020

2021 Downunder Horsemanship Events Update

If you’re like us, you can’t wait for the next Walkabout Tour presented by Ritchie Industries to take place. We love putting on the events as much as you love attending them. Here’s the good news: Clinton plans to hold three tours next year, each packed with a variety of training demonstrations to give attendees […]

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November 10, 2020

Frozen No More: Five Steps to Prep Your Waterer for Winter

By Ritchie Industries Healthy horses spend 70 percent of their day eating forage and drinking water. During the winter, horses have a natural tendency to drink less water in colder temperatures so you need to be diligent with providing fresh, clean water at the right temperature. Whether you use a high-end automatic waterer like Ritchie, […]

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November 10, 2020

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Beet Pulp

By Dr. Stephen Duren and Dr. Tania Cubitt, Performance Horse Nutrition and Standlee Premium Western Forage® Nutritional Consultants What do you know about beet pulp? Maybe you’ve heard of it, but wondered what it is and how it can be used in a horse’s diet?

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Training Tips
November 3, 2020

Training Tip: Don’t Nag Your Horse

Nagging a horse, constantly pecking at him without getting a result or failing to reward him for correct behavior, only teaches him to be resentful and dull. Imagine you’re sitting at your desk at work and a co-worker comes up behind you and starts tapping your shoulder. No matter how you respond, they keep tapping […]

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No Worries Club
November 3, 2020

Academy Horse Training Diary, Part Two

The November No Worries Club digital download continues to feature the Academy Horse Program, taking members on a never-before-seen detailed look at the popular training plan. When it comes to training horses, you’ve heard Clinton say time and again that consistency is your greatest ally. You’ll see how true those words are in part two […]

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Shop Downunder Horsemanship
November 3, 2020

Black Friday Warm-Up Sale

We’re gearing up for a big Black Friday weekend and want to be sure you’re properly prepared. Get warmed up with this special offer: Now through Sunday, November 8th, when you place an order for any Method Exercise Banner, you’ll receive a $20 coupon to use on the Downunder Horsemanship e-store. Our heavy-duty banners are […]

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