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News Archive

Downunder Horsemanship App Downunder on YouTube No Worries Club
March 16, 2021

Reined Cow Horse: Training Session Six With Hulk

Last May, Clinton filmed a sixth training session for the Performance Horses: Reined Cow Horse Series, working with Hulk and Lincoln. Hulk’s full training session is available for No Worries Club members to watch. Throughout the session, Clinton walks viewers through warming the then 3-year-old gelding up and working a cow. To watch the full […]

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March 16, 2021

Professional Clinicians Teaming Up to Bring You the Method

There’s no better way to learn the Method and build a better connection with your horse than by getting hands-on help from a qualified instructor. Jeff Davis and Shayla Smock, veteran Professional Clinicians, are teaming up to put on several clinics to help horsemen do just that. So far, the duo has clinics scheduled in […]

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Shop Downunder Horsemanship
March 16, 2021

Choosing a Halter for Your Mini Horse or Pony

Many horsemen use the Method to train their mini horses and ponies, and we often get asked if we make halters sized for equines of smaller stature. While we don’t specifically make mini or pony halters, our smaller-sized halters fit minis and ponies well. The Downunder Horsemanship Halter is available in eight sizes: newborn, foal, […]

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Method Ambassadors
March 16, 2021

Meet Method Ambassador Natalie Hagler

Growing up, Natalie was the typical horse-crazy girl, collecting toy horses, drawing pictures of horses and watching every horse movie she could find. She started riding when she was 6 and went on to try a variety of disciplines, including reining, vaulting and eventing. “I’ve done a little bit of everything, but the English disciplines, […]

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March 16, 2021

Automatic Waterers Increase Your Horse Time and Decrease Your Chore Time

By Ritchie Automatic Waterers One of the joys of horse ownership is just spending time with your equine friend. Horse lovers everywhere know how much of a stress reliever horses can be – even something as simple as grooming your horse has been shown to help lower blood pressure. A groundbreaking study at the University […]

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Training Tips
March 9, 2021

Training Tip: Colt Starting Without a Helper

Question: I am starting a few young horses and I am following the Colt Starting Series. If I don’t have a flag person, how do you recommend I do the first ride? I don’t have anyone to teach to flag.

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Downunder Horsemanship - General
March 9, 2021

Clinton: Stay Consistent With Your Horse

One of the biggest keys to establishing a safe and enjoyable partnership with your horse is consistently working with him. I always say, “Consistency is your greatest ally. Inconsistency is your greatest enemy.” You can’t expect your horse to make any improvement if you leave him in the stall or pasture or if you don’t […]

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Shop Downunder Horsemanship
March 9, 2021

Selecting the Correct Saddle Seat Size

Clinton’s Aussie Saddle is one of the most universal saddles in the equine world. Designed to fit most breeds of horses, the saddle is handmade by Martin Saddlery. It offers the perfect combination of an Aussie Stock Saddle and an American Western Saddle. When it comes to choosing the correct size of saddle to get, […]

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March 9, 2021

Meet Method Ambassador Abigail Hoffman

Abigail grew up on her family’s farm in northern Iowa, where she loved taking care of their horses. When she was old enough, she joined 4-H and began competing in local barrel racing jackpots. Her horsemanship interests gradually switched to pleasure horses and she showed in open shows and eventually smaller breed shows. When she […]

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Training Tips
March 2, 2021

Training Tip: Rollbacks on the Fence Can Improve Your Horse’s Steering

The more changes of direction you can do with a horse, the better your steering gets. Rollbacks next to the fence work great on horses that have limited steering and work off their front ends. Normally, if your horse is kind of stiff and heavy and not very well-trained, when you turn left, he’s not […]

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