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  • Lead Smart

    When walking your horse, don't let him lag behind and snatch grass. Horse trainer Clinton Anderson teaches you how to be a leader.

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  • Safely Ride Your Horse in a Group

    With other horses present, your horse needs to pay attention to you. Horse Trainer Clinton Anderson shows you how to teach him using the cloverleaf exercise.

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  • Address Horse’s Head Tossing

    A horse that tosses his head has one of a few things going on. If it's not a dental issue, it's probably one of these 3 possible causes. Here is how to address them.

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  • How to Reform a Bucker

    A horse usually bucks out of fear. In this guide, Clinton Anderson teaches you how to respond to and stop your horse's bucking.

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  • Stopping the Bolter

    Riding a 1,000-pound animal that's running out of control can be terrifying. In this guide, Clinton Anderson teaches you how to safely stop a horse that bolts.

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  • Sweeten a Barn-Sour Horse

    Horses are social animals that can make them reluctant to leave the barn. In this article, Clinton Anderson teaches you how to sweeten a barn-sour horse.

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  • Put Fear in its Place and Canter with Confidence

    Many riders don't canter their horses enough. In this guide, Clinton Anderson will help you put fear in its place and canter with confidence.

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  • Reverse Your Horse’s Arena Phobia

    A horse that refuses to go into the arena is frustrating and embarrassing. In this guide, Clinton Anderson helps you reverse your horse's fear of the arena.

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  • Correcting a Horse That Rears

    Rearing is a very dangerous situation for both horse and rider, and if left uncorrected it's a problem that only gets worse. This guide will help you correct a horse that rears.

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  • One Rein Stops

    Few riding experiences are as frightening as being on a thousand pound animal running out of control, but learning a simple exercise and preparing yourself for the unexpected can boost your confidence and put you in control of any situation.

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  • A Good Gas Pedal

    It's important that your horse moves forward at the speed and gait you ask--walk, trot and canter. Here are 4 tips on how to give your horse a good gas pedal.

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  • Help Your Horse when He’s Spooked

    Having a fail-safe approach to handling a spook and remaining in control of the situation will make the incident a minor inconvenience rather than a ride-ruiner.

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  • Take the Worry Away from Fly Spray

    Help your horse overcome his fear of fly spray with these steps.

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  • Troubleshoot: Yield the Forequarters

    Here is what can go wrong when you first teach a horse how to yield the forequarters exercise and fixes for each.

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  • Tying a Horse Up Correctly

    When tying your horse up, safety should be your biggest concern.

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  • Young Horse Development

    Learn more about horse training and young horse development from Clinton Anderson. Gain tips and insights with our step-by-step guides and how to articles.

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